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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Class 9th subject Chemistry , Three chapter important question answer


Student Name: __________________                        Total Marks: 75

Subject: Chemistry                                   Obtained Marks: ____            Class: Nine


Q:1 Choose the correct answer.                              

1)      The most Abundant element occurring in the Oceans is?           (a) Oxygen (b) Hydrogen (C) Nitrogen (d) Silicon

2)      Which one of the following molecules is not tri-atomic              (a) H₂   (b)O3   (c) Н₂0     (d) CO

3)      The mass of One molecule of water is:                                        (a)18 amu (b) 18g (C) 18mg (d) 18kg

4)      The molar mass of H₂SO is:                                                           (a) 98g (b) 98amu (c) 9.8g (d) 9.8 amu

5)      Industrial Chemistry deals with the compounds                         (a) In the laboratory (b) on micro scale (C) on Commercial Scale

6)      The concept of orbit was used by:                                               (a) J.J. Thomson (by Rutherford (c) Bohr (d) Planck

7)      When U.235 breaks it produces:                                                  (a) Electrons (b) Neutrons (c) Protons (d) nothing

8)      The P Subshell has:                                   (a) One Orbital (b) Two Orbitals (c) Three Orbitals (d) Four Orbitals

9)      Deuterium is used to make:                                 (a) Hight Water (b) Heavy water (6) Soft Water (d) Hard water

10)  To who discovered the Proton:                             (a) Goldstein (b) J. J Thomson (c) Neil Bohr(d) Rutherford

Q3:  answer of the following question.        


1)  Define Industrial Chemistry?  2)  Define matter with example.? 3) Define Chemical properties with example? 4)  De fine mixture with example? 5) Define Atomic number? 6) Define Mass number and its formula? (7) De fine Empirical formula with example? (8) What is Ion? How many types? (9) Difference between organic and inorganic Chemistry? (10) How does homogenous mixture differ from heterogeneous mixture? (11) What are the defects of Rutherford's atomic model? (12) Give three properties of positive rays? (13) For what purpose U-235 is used? (14) Define shell and subshell.

Q4:  Long Question.                                                    

       I.            List Five characteristics by which by Compounds can be distinguished. From mixtures.  

     II.            Explain Rutherford Atomic model in detail?                                                                          

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