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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Class 9th subject Computer , Three chapter important question answer


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Subject: Computer                                   Obtained Marks: ____                 Class: Nine


Q:1 Choose the correct answer.                               

        i.            A ______ is a graphical representation of an algorithm.

(a) Matrix     (b) graph       (c) flow chart           (d) solution

      ii.             ________ mean to test of the required solution is there.

(a) verification   (b) algorithm (c) flowchart (d) validation

   iii.            Number 17 is equal to binary system.

(a)10000       (b) 10110      (c) 10001                  (d) 10100

    iv.            Hexadecimal system has total number. 

(a)15              (b) 16             (c) 17                         (d) 18

      v.            Communication protocols cover. 

(a)Authentication (b) error detection   (c) correct land     (d) Above all

  vi.            The receiver must be capable of accepting. 

(a)protocols (b) message (c) address                (d) information

Q3:  answer of the following question .             


1)  1. Define number system .2. Define Binary with example .3. Define Hexadecimal with example .4. Define Decimal .5. Define memory and type .6. Define network .7. Define server .8. Define client .9. Truth value with example .10. Define Bullen proposition

Q4:  Long Question (any four).                                                    

1.     Difference between memory and storage.

2.     (ABCD)16 to Binary.

3.     (0010 1100 1000 1101 001)2 to hexadecimal.

4.     (C921)16 to decimal.

5.     (1000001)2 to decimal.

--Best of luck--

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