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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Class 9th subject: Physics , Three chapter important question answer

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Q:1 Choose the correct answer.                            

        i.            A body has translatory motion if it moves along.

(a) straight line       (b) circle        (c) line without rotation   (d) curved

      ii.            A change in position is called.

(a) speed                   (b) distance (c) velocity                            (d) displacement

   iii.            Inertia depends upon.

(a) force                    (b) net force  (c) mass                               (d) velocity

    iv.            The number of perpendicular components.

(a) 1                            (b) 2               (c) 3                                        (d) 4

      v.            The number of force that can be added by had to tail rule.

(a) 2                            (b) 3               (c) 4                                        (d) any number

vi.      How many types of translatory motion,

                        (a) 2                            (b) 3               (c) 4   

Q3:  answer of the following question            


1)  1. Define rest .2. Define motion .3. Define Rotatory motion with example .4. Define Newton first law of motion and equation .5. Define inertia .6. Define momentum .7. Define center of mass .8. Define couple .9. Define Law of Gravitino .10. Define Equilibrium .11. Formula of mass of the earth .12. Define work .13. Define energy .14. Define kinetic energy and formula .15. Types of energy .16. Write the SI unit of work .17. Define potential energy and formula.

Q4:  Long Question.                                                    

       I.            1) explain law of gravitino? 2) explain Artificial Satellite.?

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